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July 10, 2009


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You are so right. You are also my inspiration... I mean that. Hope to see you guys soon!


Of course it's priorities. If you decided that it's more important for you to see your neurologist than to be at work, you could see your neurologist. Problem is that you can only miss so much work without losing your job and your job is a priority. If you didn't have to eat or pay the mortgage...


Leah's right... the problem is that priorities are multilayered. Besides, you are prioritizing... like all mothers throughout history and across the ecosystem, you put your offspring ahead of yourself. Makes logical sense to me...

But hey, maybe you should send a copy of this post to your dentist. Who knows how much more business he could pull in by running an all-night dental clinic? You sleep while he works, and in the morning you get woken up with fresh coffee and fruit.

Emmy Summers

I suggest you put going to the dentist high in your list of your priorities. Going to the dentist has an overall impact on your health. Prioritizing can be difficult and confusing at times, but after learning how to prioritize the basic and most important aspects, you'll find everything that follows much easier.

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