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July 13, 2009


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I was so utterly pleased to have ALL of you at the party today. Especially since it really isn't a party if you're not there. AND since I scheduled it on a SUNDAY so you COULD be there! :)
Regardless, I wish I had more to say about your gifts... But I don't. They are truly just that. Gifts, Blessings, Wonderful Miracles.


What an absolutely beautiful post girl! You said it - we love that they grow, but it is all so fast.And they are beautiful!


You're right. They do look older, all of a sudden.

As for the rest - you're also right. None of us knows how we "might have felt" if we'd travelled a different path, but I hear things said by fertile parents that just spin me around a bit sometimes. One woman said she wanted to "get the baby and toddler parts out of the way quickly" by having the kids all close together. I'm sure she loves her kids and all, but I can't quite bring myself to think like that. And I wouldn't describe myself as a baby-stage person, so I'm sure I would have taken it for granted if not for the infertility.

J-man sounds like he's coming along well.


Frayda Prince

Hi. I know it is weird to put this comment here, but I am unable to e-mail you through the link at the top of the page. I am Seth's cousin (my mother's maiden name is Wiener, my grandparents are Matthew and Gerry). My family and I live in Baltimore and I think it would be nice to get together and meet your family. I love reading your blog and would like to meet in person. You can e-mail me if you would like. Thanks for sharing your life stories!


little cuties!

Jennifer Clark

i am cracking up, b/c the picture of ellie - the pose, the facial expression, the standing up on the slide - it's like i'm looking at makayla!!! she's our little daredevil!! (although lately, mackenzie has been taking lessons...) and yes, i too am amazed both at how yours and mine have so quickly become toddlers and no longer look like babies!

i absolutely do think that any mama who has had a loss or who has dealt with infertility DOES have a different kind of perspective on life and on being a mom...a different kind of knowledge that only comes from that kind of pain...and it does make us squeeze them a bit tighter, linger a bit longer, appreciate the ordinary miracles a bit more.

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That was so lovely,, god bless him,,

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