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May 25, 2009


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Oh yeah, duct tape really works wonders.


... and that's why Kali now wears onesies all the time. Flinging poo is only funny on Family Guy.


Oh I dread the day....


wow. we thankfully haven't had any of that yet.

Can they get a onesie un-snapped? If not - maybe you should go back to putting on things that snap at the crotch.

My Reality

Hilarious. Well, maybe not for you, but I sure got a good laugh out of it!


Funny photo... but not so funny when you're the one dealing with it.

Yikes. Do they make pink duct tape? ;-)


Well, my brother used to do that -- and then paint on the wall with his poo!


Oh my! I am going to buy duct tape right now!


That's hilarious... well, in retrospect, right? They are so cute that they can get away with this stuff! :o) Duct tape, huh? Good idea!

Hope all is well with you all... been thinking about you. Looking forward to our get-together at the end of June!


Oh man. We laughed so hard at this and are thankful we can't feel your pain. Good luck with that and there is pink duct tape. No one would notice.


Are they being intentionally impish, or are they perhaps simply trying to avoid discomfort?

Ms. C

My page loaded, I saw the picture and I thought: oh NOOOOO. This is terribly funny... for me. For you: not so much.
You can totally fix anything with duct tape and dental floss. Must haves for any dire situation.


I can't help but laughing at this story but I know if that happened to me, I would so not be laughing.


We duct taped diapers all the time last summer (twins were just over a year and a half) and it was a good 3-4 months before they finally quit taking their diapers off. And now thankfully they're using the potty so that's their excuse to be stark naked now lol. Least they make it to the potty faster. But oh I can't tell you how many crib sheets I changed before I wised up to the duct tape trick :)


We have the same problem with Nora. The kid likes to be naked as a jaybird. We had it solved by putting her into a zip-up Gro-bag, but now that it's too hot we're resorting to putting her pajamas on backwards. It's funny when they strip down, but not when it becomes a horror scene!

Laura McIntyre

Welcome to the take diaper off and poop club, i think its a parenting ritual . Hope the duct tape works well , putting on diapers backwards can do the trick sometimes to

Ms. C

Oh, just came back ... cutie tush still here making me smile!
Hope all is well, Shabbat Shalom.


I have the exact same picture of Thomas! That is too funny. We had to put duct tape on the tab part.


Yup, this is why I started dressing my toddler in a one-piece sleeper for naps & bedtime. Kind of a hassle to change her clothes for naptime, but totally worth it!! Although she has now figured out how to take off the sleeper, so we'll see how long it lasts....


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new balance

Mutual forgiveness of each vice, such are the gates of Paradise. Do you understand?

Jordan 1

This really is an wonderful written write-up, Thanks for yet a different insightful post, as consistently!

David B.

Aaaaww! So cute and so funny. I guess it's Sods Law that your daughter did a poo in her bed when napping while her diaper was off. I guess it's just natural and one of the many joys of parenting! Duct tape sounds like a plan - I've heard a number of parents use it on their toddlers' nappies and they seem to hold.

Just one thing and please please don't take offence or anything but I don't think it's too wise having a photo of your baby daughter's naked bottom in all it's glory online without censoring it first. Don't get me wrong the photo is really cute and everything but there's a possibility that it may be viewed/downloaded/used by unseemly characters. It's a very sad sign of the times thes days, I know but it does happen unfortunately. All you need is a subtle mask to cover the area between her bottom cheeks. This can easily done in Photoshop or similar photo editing program but you just need to make the photo safe. By all means keep this photo in it's natural state for private viewing by friends and family. Oh, and don't forget to make your daughter blush when she is older when you whip this photo out to show her first boyfriend!!

Anyway, good luck with your kids!



madame, I think it should be more careful with the pictures up on the network are
many people with bad intentions could use this material bad
(Excuse my English is bad)


Are you serious?! You can't put a picture like this up on the net! I stumbled across this by accident, like probably a whole lot of pedophiles... do yourself and more important do the child a favor and remove it.

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