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May 05, 2009


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Oh wow, all 4 the kids have stunning eyes, eyes that "talk", that catches the attention. They are all so adorable.

In Search of Morning Sickness

Your children are beyond cute! I love watching them become little people! I can't believe how big they get every time you post. And the milestones just keep rolling on.
This is the very first time I have noticed how very much Ellie looks like a perfect blend of you and Seth. Really. She is!
(And for the record, we did end up using the name you introduced me to via your daughter... Elyana is what we chose. I'm so glad you used it so I could hear what a great name it is, with so much meaning.)

In Search of Morning Sickness

My blog reading AND writing have been very sporatic. I'm trying to make an effort to start commenting on blogs that I read all the time. Which yours has been one of them from the early days. Anyway, just wanted to drop by today and say hey!

(Oh and yeah, I have no idea how you nursed/pumped for three babies! You're amazing. Every time I pump, I think of your affectionate "maggie moo" nickname!)


Ok, looks like you want another visit REALLY SOON!!! :o) Showing those adorable photos and reminding me how absolutely precious those kids are! I remember Abby showing me her tummy to tickle a few times... sooo cute!!! They really are precious (did I already say that?), Karen! All 4 of them! :o)

Laura McIntyre

They have gotten so big, and so cute. I would just want to smosh them all day long


I want to smooch them all!


the J-man has a dimple to die for....I would be smooching all of them too...they are beautiful

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