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April 07, 2009


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My Reality

Hang in there my friend. When life hands you lemons, you shine. I have no doubt you will shine through this crap, too.


Hey Girl,

I'm sorry you're not having the best of times. That is crazy. How do you even break an oven door? Weird. Sorry about your cleaning lady. Not cool!

And your taxes - that's the worst part! Aren't kids supposed to help that?!

Praying all gets better soon.



Let's just call 2009 off. Then we talk about pre 2010 or something, and see if it gets any better! ;) - just joking girl, but what I mean to say is, hang in there. I really hope the rest of your year is much much better.


Oh I forgot to say "Chag Semach" (I hope it is correct!)


Geez, when it rains, it pours. Sending lots of hugs to you, and hope things get better as the sun shines more. Hang in there hon.


Am so sorry, hon. Hoping that things pick up soon and that the chag is wonderful despite all this mishegos.


I'm so sorry that things aren't going your way. Words won't helps so I will simply send cyber hugs your way.


Ugh, 2009 really is sucking for you. I can't believe how much you're having to deal with right now...just one thing on top of the other. They have to end sometime, right? I hope. Maybe. I hope that you have a wonderful Pesach, despite the broken oven glass door, and know that your nanny is absolutely correct when she tells you wonderful things about yourself.


I wish I had some witty, funny little thing to write here that would make you smile and giggle a little bit. However, I don't seem to know of anything at the moment(unless I tell you about all the non-traditional IF treatments I'm reading about - oh wait - I might try those yet. So, maybe not that funny.). Any whoo...hang in there. Take a moment, eat a good piece of chocolate and enjoy your holiday. Hang in there honey, better days are a coming.


Good grief. How incredibly sucky. In spite of that, have a wonderful Pesach.


Heh. Adding fun to fun. Fun! I hope it gets better.



Ugh! I hope everything went well this weekend. You're so overdue for some good stuff!

Karen P

How is it going? I have been wondering / worrying about you.

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