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April 19, 2009


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OH I feel for Abby - I don't like people in my space at all! Poor J-man, he and The Little Miss can start a club for kids with younger multiples - but I can not help thinking that at least they are learning to keep their stuff together. Thanks for the update - it was a great post. And I really hope the rest of this year is better.


You have such a beautiful family! I love the family picture...those are so hard to get! You are doing such an amazing job with all 4 of your children. I'm totally with you in that the first year was so much easier. Not sure if it's b/c like you we too had expectations that it would be hell and in fact is was very do-able. Yet now that we have 3 toddlers on our hands, things are much harder. I agree also that they are more rewarding but OMG, 3 walking children (who all go in different directions) can be quite challenging. Keep up the great work!


Oh, what gorgeous pictures... I especially love the family portrait. What beautiful kiddos!!!

Wonderfully written post... you describe their personalities so well that I feel that I know them!

Email me if you'd like to set up a playdate in May. I used to think that Adam was SO much older than the triplets but there's only a 5 month difference. I think he would have a great time playing with them! :O)

Ms. C

This is really such a lovely post. I can't believe the triplet and J are getting so old! It's amazing how time flies.
I love hearing about the kiddos, and adore their phots. You guys make a beautiful picture.
(And I LOVE Sam's shirt in that last photo! Where's it from?)


Love all the pictures! What a beautiful family. <3


They are beautiful.

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