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March 05, 2009


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what a week....here is a PSA regarding your accident. make sure you let the insurance adjuster know that you had carseats in the van at the time of the rear end collision. legally they should replace them because after any kind of accident they are considered damaged. As long as the claim is open, you should list them in the damages.

I am glad you got it all out in one week- as my Grandmother would say.....NEXT! (meaning, move along, let's go...on to the next week!)


wow---that is a heck of a week. TGIF for sure! So glad everyone is getting better. May you have a very restful and boring weekend!


Oh goodness, what a week you've all had! K has reactive airway disorder and so I know how scary it is when they're diagnosed--to watch them struggling so hard to breathe and not knowing what's going on. Ellie and Abby are about the same age as K was when he was diagnosed. We've been dealing with it for about a year (and are currently right in the thick of it with his pneumonia). The only thing I can say is it's not quite as stressful after the initial diagnosis, because you know what you're listening for and can usually do nebulizers before it gets to that awful gasping/struggling type of breathing.

I'm hoping that there aren't any more shoes waiting to drop, and that you can enjoy a peaceful Shabbat.


Wow, what a week. I'm glad all your kiddos are ok and no one is in the hospital.


Ack! So glad for that good news list.



Whew, what a week. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with so much. Hoping that things ease up over the weekend.


Hugs, hugs, hugs. There's not much worse than seeing your baby struggle to breathe. I'm so glad that it cleared up and the nebs are helping. Hopefully it will only happen when she (or they) have colds!! My fingers are crossed for you. I don't wish Asthma/RAD on anyone. Poor kiddos!!

And poor mom. You really can't catch a break.


Another PSA regarding your car accident: Even if there is no visible damage to the rear end of your car, you will want to get the bumper checked out. Usually, if there has been no visible damage in that type of accident, it is because the bumpers of the two cars met each other, instead of, say, a pickup truck with a higher bumper bashing in your trunk. So, your rear bumper did its job; it took the bulk of the impact so that you and your passenger took less. But now the bumper may be less able to do its job protecting you next time. So, you might want to get the innards of the bumper replaced.

Best wishes for a Shabbat of only good news and no difficulties.


ack! hope the week got better!

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