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March 05, 2009


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Ok so I saw the comment from Betty and thought about responding (nicely) but decided not to hijack your blog and that you would likely reply.
You're reply is very well worded. The only thing I would add or differ on is that I'm not so sure this is a knee jerk reaction. Ok maybe in the case of Hudgens it is however I believe this is all a small part of what is hoped to be bigger legislation by right to life people. And the potential direction this can go is really scary.


You know with this bill and the response of the other southern states to the stimulus bill, I'm wishing that the North had lost the Civil War. There are a whole lot of states that are just dragging the rest of us down. Even driving through Georgia gives me the creeps. Somewhere down there is the spawn of the men who tried to shoot my husband in 1965. Gag.


Sue, not all of us in Georgia are insane, I promise! (Then again, I'm a transplanted New Yorker, so take that for what you will.)

I'm all for limiting the number of embryos transferred, but that limit needs to be decided between the DOCTOR and PATIENT, not at the state level and certainly not below the limit that ASRM recommends. But what truly bothers me about this bill is the idea of only being able to attempt fertilization on the number of transferrable eggs. This shows such a blatant lack of understanding about what realistically happens during IVF that I can hardly stand it.

I am appalled at my state sometimes.


Yeah, two/three embryos is sensible for most patients, and it's what doctors work on when insurance coverage for IVF is good (question: why force limits on tranfers when you can fund treatment and let patients and doctors freely choose sensible numbers, without all the expense of passing that into law and afterwards maintaining that law?). But the rest is right-to-life stuff based on highly debateable moral views, and therefore not really the business of the state.

I wholeheartedly support offering patients the option of egg freezing and limited fertilisation.



Very well written. You could be a lawyer in your next career... seriously!

I couldn't agree more with your points. The whole bill -- even the idea of the bill -- is sickening.

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