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March 10, 2009


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And in about a year's time you would recover the difference in water bill cost -maybe look at it in that way? Gosh, but what a month. Lover and light to you girl.


okay, i think you should just concede that March has won and move on to see what April has in store. :|

hang in there.

Jennifer Clark

yep, i agree...let's hold out for april!!! omg!!

this mom

Oh my! I think I would have to curl up in a fetal position and cry for a moment over that. It's definitely a plus that there is no one in the hospital. Can you imagine??


This is the joke for Purim, right? Right?!


Oh my gosh, that water issue sounds awful! I have wondered about our water bill but ours is not THAT high.

I just logged on to say I saw your quotes in an article in my local paper. Where you were saying you would not want multiples again. I read it and said, "I know her blog!".


Jeez. I guess you can't keep paying $700 water bills though. I hope the month gets better.

My Reality

At least you can look forward to April's water bill. You know to see if your $6K was worth it. . .


Let's just fast forward to April then. No arguments here - I think you present a solid case.


Sounds awful. At least everything happened during Purim and not Pesach, right? And of course all of the kids and water pipes will be firmly on the mend by April. I hope things improve a lot next week.


Wow... what a week, actually *month*, you're having. It can only get better from here, right?!?

I'm glad that Ellie and Abby are getting better... I've been thinking of them.


Oh man. That's just rough.

mom in iowa

Does "in like a lion, out like a lamb" apply to other such events besides the weather in March? For your sake, we will hope it does, in which case things are bound to be MUCH better by the end of the month.
Here's hoping!


When it rains it leaks...

I hope you have a MUCH drier and better April! Ugh.

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