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March 18, 2009


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L Rosenbaum

are you sure he isn't a teen yet?


He's such a boy! Adam already does some of that... I'll have on Barney and he'll ask for Sesame Street. Immediately. Gotta love em.

Love the Batman outfit! J is such a cutie!


Oh he is a little character, no doubt. At least you can be assured you will never be bored! ;-)The Batman photo is adorable. He is such a special little boy.


Aren't 5-year-old boys fun? P does exactly the same thing. The explanation "Because that's what you said you wanted" doesn't seem to work for him either.


Love the personality on J-Man. I thought you didnt have these troubles until the teen years, umph I was wrong!

Laura McIntyre

LOL He sure sounds like a smart funny boy , i can only imagine how much fun its going to be around your house in a few years when the triplets are chatting up a storm - bet you will never stop giggling (and i really mean that, my 2 and 3 year old crack me up all the time)


Is it at all possible that he is being not critical but analytical?

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