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March 26, 2009


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Ms. C

You know... I love reading your blog because you don't sugar coat. And no matter what, I still maintain my belief in you are supermama. Even supermama is allowed to have less-easy days!!

As for the person who wrote that inane comment? That's just weird! Who would say that? Who would take the idea that you are having a not-so-easy day and equate that to you not wanting your guys and gals around at all, ever? Even if the commenter just meant it as a joke.... not funny.

I hope today is better.


joking? but that was so mean. and not funny. *sigh*

you seem to be such a loving, talented mommy. i love reading your blog, and i promise to not be a judgy mcjudgerson. *hugs*

My Reality

Give them away? WTF?

You are supermama like Ms. C said. You really are. I really don't know how you do it all.


That comment took my breath away too. When I saw it on FB, I worried about the effect it would have on you. I understand it was a joke, but...I don't know...it's just not funny. It's such a horrible, panic-inducing thought that it's just one of those things that you simply can't joke about. I wondered if the person who wrote it was a parent. I figured maybe someone who isn't wouldn't be able to understand, you know?


Seriously? Who in the world would say something like that? I'm horrified for you that you had to read that, and horrified as an adoptive mom that someone would say that. Not even remotely funny. The only word that keeps coming into my mind is "appalled".


Somebody SAID that? Not cool.

The toddler this is damn near impossible some days, and I only have one. I can't imagine three toddlers. You're my hero.


I have come to discover - at 28 months in that this triplet thing just gets harder. I really thought the first year would be the worst - I really did. I mean 3 babies who can't move and scream a lot - that was bad. But now they know who I am and the fighting and the screaming. It's bad and it keeps getting worse.

But no I wouldn't give them away or trade this for the world - good days and bad - some people are weird. I actually had someone ask me before they were born if I would consider splitting them up for a few months and letting other people care for them for a while. What?!!


At first I was laughing because we live your kitchen scene every day. Then as I read I stopped smiling because you're right; people don't get the snapshot. It's why I hesitated to start blogging and why I occasionally think about stopping. I understand...but want you to keep going because it's refreshing to have a fellow triplet +1 mom NOT sugarcoat. Thank you.


Okay, that was just a really *stupid* comment that person made... no offense to the person who said it but, really... think before you speak/write!

I think that you are *fabulous*. You really are quite admirable. I love how you don't sugarcoat things. That being said, your joy & absolute adoration of your four kiddos comes through in each post. As always, thanks for sharing your journey!!! :o)

Jennifer Clark

i love you and i love your blog BECAUSE you don't sugar coat it. i know you love your miracles and that they are precious to you in every way! seriously. who SAYS something like that???!!! moron. keep blogging, friend!!


I can't see giving them away, but renting them out might work...

I've often thought that I could rent out my kids to people who are considering having another (talk about population control!) or people whose parents visit once a year and really want grandchildren. I'd rent them the same kid or two each year, and throw in some pictures and maybe even videos to send back once in a while...

I even know a few women who really miss their grandchildren who live abroad, and I've offered my children's services (for a modest fee, of course ;) )


people can be real idiots. i love that you don't sugarcoat things and i hope you don't censor yourself in the future because of a few morons out there.


I saw that comment on FB ... and my heart sank! I didnt say anything, but I remember thinking who could be so cruel. I'm sorry, but know you are above that! Keep being yourself and speak your mind, this is why we blog!


Unless you are a MOM to toddlers, you just don't get it. Toddlers are hard and the guy who commented was clueless.

I have one suggestion. Cabinet locks. My kitchen has never been gated off, but they can't get in to anything. That probably doesn't make me the most fun mom, but oh well. They've been known to swarm like vultures when the pantry or laundry room doors open to get to the contaband but at least I have control over when they get opened. They still fight over the 5000 toys we have but my kitchen stuff is safe.


I'm surprised you don't complain more often. I'm continually surprised by that. And I still wouldn't get the impression you were ready to give them away... jokes like that can be dangerous things...



You are amazing and I love your honesty.
The thing is...IT IS HARD. I love my trio but IT IS HARD SOMETIMES. You're doing a great job! Much love to you sister!


I prefer no sugarcoating - this is supposed to be real and therapeutic for you, and if you sugarcoat it, it just won't be either of those things. People are weird. Ignore them.


Oh we all know about the hard times and we all blog about them. And we all know it is just a little part of the whole experience. Happy 18 months - mine 2 off course also just turned 18 months old.



I loved this post its real!!!! And I am a very sarcastic person and often JOKE about my boys going to good homes.... but seriously no one would mean that litterally, well I hope NOT!!!!! Blog away to heck with the buggers! Oh would love to see you on facebook, Leonie Ripper Australia network if you are up for it...... GOODLUCK......


Oh my. I somehow missed that comment. I am sure the writer thought nothing of it but a joke (at least I would hope!!!) I think any parent that has raised toddlers would understand the problems with raising 3 at one time. I think you manage parenting your children just perfectly. You inspire me to keep going...


I thinking parenting in general is hard no matter if you have one or 4 like you.

The Microblogologist

Like everyone else before me I am going to say that is a horrid thing to say even in jest! What makes it extra horrid for me is that my sister said that about my niece a lot until she was about 2 years old give or take a bit (that sister has major issues and is not mother material which is why my family is raising Niecey), and she was absolutely not joking and quoted a bunch of people who told her that after listening to her complain. I am so glad that the entire time over which this occurred my niece was safely at home with us, we were NOT giving her up! I just cannot comprehend someone saying that jokingly to anyone, especially someone who worked so hard to have those babies and who you can tell loves them more than anything, that is just messed up. You are a loving mother and even when you are upset and not sugar coating that shines through every post.

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