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February 28, 2009


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The final say: the doctor should not get a patient to take on MORE risk than they/she is willing, but has a responsibility to set a medically reasonable ceiling. For eg, a doctor should not be able to put two embryos in where a patient would prefer a SET, but has a responsibility not to put, just to pull a figure out of my head, six embryos in where a lower number would be more appropriate.


Oh, and it depends what you mean by "psych evaluation". Is it directed at assessing couples to give them the tools needed to cope with infertility/IVF? Or is it a fitness to parent?



#1 is difficult b/c
a. I feel every clinic should be mildly responsible and have a 3-embryo-transfer policy.
b. The vast majority of states do not require insurance to cover ivf, which means this is many patient's only shot (even though I feel it is 100% ridiculous to transfer >3 embryos/blastocysts).
Good survey.

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