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February 23, 2009


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It was exciting! We are still rocking the pedipeds...I don't know when we'll move to hard soled shoes.


Such a great "day in the life" post. All four kids are gorgeous -- look at those beautiful eyes! You were smart to wait to buy the kids shoes. I bought Adam a pair of brand new Stride Rites when he was only cruising (prewalkers) and he NEVER wore them... $48 down the drain... I was just so excited at the thought of him wearing shoes. Of course, now he needs a new pair every 3-4 months. It's still fun picking them out, though! :)


Thanks for the insight - I will now once again feel that I do not have too much on my plat. Oh and the pic of Jman is adorable!


Sounds like quite the day! :) I love the pictures though! Thanks for documenting it for us!


Hey, I recognize those adorable pink tennis shoes (the last pic)! Little Miss Malka LOVES hers - especially playing with the velcro. They were the result of our second trip to stride rite. They each got one pair initially (during the buy one, get the second free sale)- those little white "first walkers". They wore those for maybe two months, and then we were off again. This time, three pairs per child on a $20 per pair sale (woo hoo!). I know...DH thought 3 pairs each was a bit extreme, but well...one shabbos, one tennis shoe, and one sandal. Hey...we live in Florida, sandals are a must year-round.


those pink and white shoes are very cute!

Ms. C

Ok, all your guys are tremendously cute. But every picture you post of J just makes me smile and laugh. What a ham!


adorable pics. I'm a huge fan of the stride rite oulet too!

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