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February 26, 2009


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Oh, I understand. I only have Adam and, to this day, i still can't let my eyes off of him. I did for 2 minutes today... he managed to get chocolate pudding out of the fridge and smear it on the cream carpet! AAGH!!!

Adam also LOVES the broom (swifter) and vacuum (well, it's a love/hate relationship with the vacuum.) :)


Sam reminds me of my brother as a toddler. He followed our housekeeper around for days on end with a dishrag flung over his shoulder just like she did. Then, he snuck into the den and took a new 500-pack of baby wipes and used every single one of them to "wash" the floor-length window. My mother was not pleased.


OMG love this post. Brady loves our broom too... its the weirdest thing, but we have to let him use it or he goes beserk. I am thinking about getting a kiddy one, just because I know ours is gross. The girls are getting so big! Kudos to you for your plastic tubs of organization!

Trip'n Mommy

LOL. Been there, done that. MANY times!

Clothes, towels, toys... an entire tissue box!! And those shred! Add the dog to the mix - she LOVES to rip them.

You quoted some of my favorite pasukim from the Multiple Mommy Tanach:

1. Quiet = bad. Very bad.

2. Mommy can't turn her back on triplets. Even for a minute!

Let me give you another one that becomes especially true as they get older:

3. Maniacal laughter quickly turns into shrieks of pain.

BTW- I have one that is STILL obsessed with brooms. When she was that little we got them a toy set (http://www.amazon.com/Silly-Sam-Talking-Broom-Dust/dp/B0001NE7KU). This way I didn't have to worry about too much damage from the swinging handle.


Get him a kiddie broom and see how he helps mommy! And yes, quiet = very very bad


What is it with kids and brooms? Mine all like them, but Ben REALLY loves them. I have to lock them in the laundry room. We thought of getting him a toy broom but are afraid they would hit each other with it. I did buy them tiny brooms and dust pans in the Target dollar spot. I'm saving them for a day we really need a distraction.

My Reality

Sam can come sweep my floors anytime.

That IS a lot of bibs!

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