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December 25, 2008


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I hope everyone is feeling better!


refuah shleima (speedy recovery) to all.

This actually makes my week seem tame. We only had 1 sick toddler. (& 2 sick parents)


Oy! I hate to laugh at anyone's misfortunate but I have to admit I laughed imagining the utter chaos of the day. We're also all sick here - though fortunately not stomach stuff. For us it's all upper respiratory stuff. I'm definitely dreading the first joint stomach virus. Refuah shleima to all of y'all!


Good gawd, that sounds... exhausting!!! Feel better, all of you:-)


Sorry you all have had a rough go of it. Hope everyone is feeling better!


That theory of being AB+ didnt' work out so well for me this weekend! Though it certainly is telling why DH had it so much worse than I did as he is O+! Hopefully everyone on you end is on the mend!


ah, good 'ol norovirus :/ first, i'm impressed that you likely know what you guys all have. (i work in public health so we deal with noro a lot!) second, i pray that the lysol starts working and that you all get healthy again soon. hang in there.


OMG!! I am so sorry to hear you all were so sick. I hope everyone is feeling better!! PS love your account of the ordeal, I felt like I was there cleaning puke with ya!!

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