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December 31, 2008


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MaryBeth @ FourSillySisters

I have been thinking of you guys today! Hope that Abby has indeed turned the corner and that you'll get some rest soon!


So glad to here that perhaps a corner has been turned. Whew - I thought alot about Abby today.

I hope you get some rest soon, too.


Of course it is what you need to be doing, yet I am so moved by how closely you are watching over Abby.
Yes, no vacation right now, as with illness going around your four children need all the adults available and the adults all need each other. But when things calm down a bit, can you take some time to yourself? Like, go somewhere after Shabbat early Saturday evening and stay over until late morning or early afternoon Sunday, and a friend or relative can help out Seth? Or else, take a day off from work and do later Sunday night after everyone is settled through the daytime Monday when your eldest has school and the nanny will be there?
You are a fantastic parent, spouse, friend, and community macher. You deserve a break, a little vacation just about pampering yourself, not just tiem to yourself at work or while sick or stating or encouraging fertilization or implantation. You know? Just some time for no reason other than to rest and recharge. If it helps you, it would be beneficial for your whole family. And maybe Seth will need the same at some point too.
Refuah shleimah to all! Happy Gregorian new year and good health with it.


Eek. Here's to hoping things get easier soon!

My Reality

I hope all of your babes are back to normal soon.

Kimberly Trowbridge

I went through something similar with my son when he was almost a year old. We tried EVERYTHING to get him to get in something--ANYTHING and he was having none of it. I too was chasing him around with a dropper full of pedialite. We did eventually get through it, but I thought I would share what turned his corner. All kids are different, but hey, anything is worth a try. I made some chicken soup and ate it in front of him (not cause I wanted it). I offered him a spoonful of the broth and I think because I was eating it, he tried it. I followed that up with the dropper full of chicken broth (just from one of those cans). He took that and eventually took chicken broth out of his bottle. It was what turned the corner for us and made him start to keep liquid down. Like I said, it most likely won't work with your little one, but it's always worth a try.

Hang in there. Nothing worse than a sick kid. And not just a randomly sick kid, but one that won't seem to shake it. I have been there. You WILL get through but it's still tough. Reading this took me right back. Sending you lots of energy and hugs. Take care.


Oh Karen, I am thinking about your babies and really praying for a fast turn back to good health. Hang in there sister.


How is Abby doing? I hope everyone is on the mend!


Poor, sweet thing. Hope everyone gets better soon. Did the doctor mention gatorade? That's what ours said to do b/c it tastes a bit better.


I am so sorry she is so sick. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.


Happy New Year! I hope by now Abby (and everyone else - including you) are much better.


poor things :( i hope everyone is feeling better.

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