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December 14, 2008


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That is such incredibly devastating news. It makes me heartbroken to even hear it. I'll be thinking of you and your friend, Yael.


Oh my. How absolutely devastating. There is nothing that can make this seem alright. Thoughts and prayers are with your friend.


that's very sad news. i will miss you on your blog break, but you deserve it! take care and i'll be waiting for your return.


I'm so sorry.


I couldn't agree more there is no reason anywhere near good enough for a child to be taken from their Mother.

My thoughts and love to your friend.


Oh sweetie, Please tell your friend that I am so srry for her loss.

Hang in there, and take as much time as you need!!



how heartbreaking. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around such a thing. I'll keep you and your friend in my prayers.


How devastating. I am so sorry for all of you, and for Yael's family especially. I also can't understand why such things happen.


Oh my goodness. That poor family. I don't even know them and my heart is breaking for them.

I'll give my little one and extra tight squeeze tonight and say a prayer for your friend.

this mom

My heart goes out to your friend and you. There are no words...
However long you need away from blogging, take it. I'll be here ready to read when you are ready to write.
Take care of you.

Ms. C

My heart goes out to you and your friend and her family. It is an unimaginable loss.
Take good care of yourself and your little guys (and Seth too!).


I'll pray for depth of wisdom for you when you talk to your friend. I'm sure she and her husband are going to hear utter ridiculousness from people. She will need you.

Will miss your posts and hope you get your head above water soon.
Best Regards.


I originally read this yesterday morning and I can't stop thinking about it. I feel so sad for this family.

Jennifer from Arkansas

My heart is broken for your friend and her family. The devastation that the loss of a child leaves behind... I'm just so very sorry.


I can't even begin to imagine something to devastating. My prayers go out to your friend. I know I will be hugging my babies a little extra tighter tonight.


i'm so very sorry to hear this. my heart goes out to yael and her family. they're in my prayers.

My Reality

There is no sense to be made from something like this. My heart breaks for Yael, her family and everyone who knew her daughter. I am so sorry for the loss of a sweet little girl.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Oh, how awful. Take care of yourself in the midst of all this - it must be terribly overwhelming to be surrounded by so much sadness. There are times when you just can't look for answers, you can only react to what's coming and do your best, which you're doing incredibly well. You and the other families will be in my prayers.


sorry, I've been checking your other blog but not checking this one lately. I am so sorry for your friend. I think about this often - how I would feel if I lost a child. Words don't even begin to describe it. It's one of the fundamental things that keeps me from have much faith in any God or religion - because how could a God let things like that happen. I'm so, so sorry for your friend.

And to you: I hope you're hanging in there ok. I'm a little worried about you. Your last couple of posts sounded pretty overwhelmed. Are you taking on too much? Spreading yourself too thin? I know it's hard to say no, but please do look after yourself. I'm thinking of you.


I'll miss your blogs while you are away but I have so enjoyed them. Rest and get through the holidays while you enjoy your babies. Read you when you get back. PS I am a nanny for triplets and while they are not 'mine' reading your blog provides me a sense of community and I get the biggest kick out of your little ones funny and precious moments. God Bless You and Merry Christmas.

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