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December 03, 2008


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AS and her family are in our prayers.


What a tragedy! I will keep them in my prayers.


Karen, is there info I can forward to my triplets group about a collection for the family? Do they need 2T BBB clothes or anything? Replacement holiday gifts? Let me know.


i will be keeping this family in my thoughts and prayers!


this is so sad. my heart and prayers go out to them.

and anyone that says nothing good comes from the internet has their head in the sand!


i'm so happy to hear it's not as bad as was mentioned on the news. so, so scary. they're definitely in my thoughts. i can't even imagine. :(


Let us know if an account or Paypal or something is set up. We could all donate and do something to help buy clothes and books and things that will make the kids feel slightly more like kids again.


I will certainly keep them in my prayers. I am so glad that everyone in this amazing community takes care of one another.


I heard the story on WTOP last night. Please, please let me know when they're ready for help. I'll gladly give some clothes, toys, and other things. I've got them in my prayers.


I know I'm not part of the triplet community but would still like to help. Is there any sort of fund set up or maybe a list of things they are needing. I will be praying for them all tonight.


They will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please post an update once you know specifics on their needs.


I sent your blog post to my local triplet group and they've asked if there's anything set up to donate. Please pass along any address to ship items to if you know of one. Thanks.

Jen @ amazingtrips

This is the first I've heard of this story - so thanks for posting it. I'll check back and once you know more details, please share them. I'd love to help in any way I can. I'll be sharing the info with my triplet group as well.


My thoughts and prayers are with the family and the babies. I have good friends who lost almost everything in a fire a year ago Labor Day weekend. They moved into their brand new, rebuilt house last February and it is amazing. It's a wonderful thing when the community can come together and rally around people. I hope the triplets are doing well.

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