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December 27, 2008


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Milk is expensive, and we go through a lot of it. However, compared to the cost of formula for triplets for a year, it is cheap. You have no idea how much money you saved by breast feeding as much as you did. After a year of formula, milk seems like a bargain at any price to me.


I'm with you! Except, I'm coming from using formula which is HOLY CRAP expensive. So although I cannot believe how much milk we consume and how expensive it is per gallon, its still much better than how much I was spending on formula. But I can imagine that YOU are really feeling it since you weren't using formula (breastmilk is FREE!!!) and what a jump to paying for milk! I am just glad that mine are off the formula!


I so hear you on the complaints of gas prices! WE used to drive an SUV so don't think this is Jones jealousy...but really who was it doing the complaining? Do you NEED a $500+ car payment PLUS at $100 bill for gas a week???

Now if you NEED the SUV or Mini Van get it...but if you don't get a smaller car and shut up.

The flip side of that...I have no idea what we pay for milk. Its just like gas. We need it, we buy it, we pay what ever it costs and move on. If we can't afford gas or milk then there is a problem with our priorities (as well as the economy but mostly our priorities).


I would love to pay $3.75 for a gallon of milk! We pay just over $6.00 for 4 liters here in salty Nova Scotia! (4 liters = 1.05668821 US gallons)

We have the second highest price for milk in Canada, after Nunavut (way up there in the land of cold and ice where a cow would never dare set foot)

So enjoy a tall cold glass for me! I reserve it for Kiddo and my coffee!


It is funny that you wrote this post about the same time my husband and I were discussing our weekly milk bill. We go through (on average) 7 gallons of milk a week. Chris and I drink about 3 gallons of skim milk and the girls (and Isabela) drink about 4 gallons of whole milk a week. My husband went to Costco with me last week and was shocked when I filled our cart with milk. It is incredible how much we may for milk... but I must second the opinion of one of the comments above regarding being thankful the girls are not on formula any longer since the price for formula was $13 per day for us. Yikes... it is hard to believe that milk is more than twice the cost of gas now.


I whine about the cost of milk way more than I do about the cost of gas. When in Ioway I go through more gallons of milk than of gasoline and I am single! My family goes through a LOT of milk, we are milkoholics, lol.

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