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December 31, 2008


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I am SO worried about her! Holy crap. How is her heartrate? Is it elevated? When I was worried about my daughter being dehydrated, the doctor told me that an elevated heartrate is a sign of dehydration.

I'll be thinking of you - hopefully she'll feel much better soon.


Poor baby. I hope she is feeling better in the morning.


I really hope Abby is feeling better in the morning.


Oh sweetie- I really hope she gets better quickly. It's so hard to see them sick and not be able to really help them. I'm hoping this morning she'll be feeling a bit better. Good luck!

My Reality

Poor little Abby. I can only imagine how terrifying it is to see her so sick. I hope she is better soon.


Oh I hope not. Dehydrated baby on an IV is NOT how either of you wants to spend the new year! I hope she is on the rebound by the time you read this.


Oh, poor little one. Praying that the whole family feels better soon.


poor baby (and her momma). Hope she keeps some fluids down and starts to feel better


i hope she starts feeling better soon, i will be thinking of you all!


I hope today is better for Abby. Drink baby drink! One suggestion that my doctor gave to me but didn't work on my little one (she won't drink pedialyte) was to add the same flavor of kool-aid to the pedialyte to cut the salty taste. If you have grape pedialyte then add grape kool-aid powder. It sounds good in theory but my Kerrigan still wouldn't drink it. Maybe Abby will!


refuah shleima, Abby!

Ms. C

Oy! I hope that Abby is on the mend today. Poor thing.


Poor Abby, I hope she's feeling much better by the morning.

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