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December 10, 2008


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OH MY. Every time I think I am busy, and overwhelmed, I think of you... I am truly in AWE of you and the number of balls you can juggle in the air at once. You are such a giver!


Hang in there girl - you make the world a better place.


Oh I have to confess that I'm always in awe of you and how you manage 4 kids, a job, etc, etc. I just read your post and it kind of made me feel like a lazy slob. But really, you are amazing, I hope things slow up a bit for you, or at least you can find time for a nice long bath! ;)

Another DC Karen

Your life does seem very full -- hopefully the fullness feels rich as well as overwhelming. (And I hope the sickness goes away quickly!)

Thanks for taking time among the craziness to post -- reading your posts always lightens my day.


Just wanted to reiterate that I am really in awe of everything you do to help others. I know you won't admit it, but you're pretty darn amazing (and inspiring!)

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