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December 27, 2008


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Count me as one of those who thinks you could save the world.

You're so lucky to have such great, close friends.


Screw saving it! You could rule it!!! (Cue pinky and the brain)


what a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Regarding your last couple of posts...

OMG - sorry about all the puke and diapers and such. it sounds positively awful. I thought the couple of puking incidents we have had were bad, but they were nothing compared to this. I hope everyone is on the mend.

And as you know, we are dealing with delays here too, with Danny. We were supposed to have a speech eval at the early intervention place last week, but it was cancelled due to the weather and I need to resched for january. I'm interested to see what they do for a 15 month old. I too wouldn't be all that concerned if it was just that he didn't talk - but he also doesn't seem to understand any words. So it's not just speech, but it's also language comprehension that he is behind on, whereas Callie understands everything we say to her. I'm more concerned about this than his other delays (the fine and gross motor skills). I'll be interested to hear what your eval shows about your guys as well.

Keep your chin up super mom! and I hope everyone is feeling better!


what a wonderful and thoughtful gift. :)


That is a beautiful gift! Would you be able to post the company or store name where she works so we could order something cool like that? Thanks!

My Reality

You don't need the cape or the tiara, you are already on your way.

I love the necklace, though, and can't think of a better recipient to wear it!

Ms. C

What a perfect gift for you, super mama!

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