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November 18, 2008


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I have had so many blogs it's crazy. We must do what we must do to survive :) I wish you nothing but the best (I even delurked from google reader to leave you a comment!)


Whatever works for you, Karen! Blog for yourself, not for the whole stinking world.

Glad your RE appointment didn't totally suck ass.


And how does one get the URL for this new blog? :)

My Reality

If you are willing to give the url, I will be there.

this mom

You have to do what is right for you and your family. I will admit though, I'm kind of sad not to be able to hear about what's going on. So just know that I am thinking positive thoughts for whatever you do.


Wishing you all the best on this continued journey...

would love to have access to yet another blog if you decide to share...! :-)


I would be honored if you would share your other blog address. If not, I do understand.

I still want my singleton too. . .but am too afraid to go to the RE. . .and too afraid to entertain the thought of being pregnant with 3 2 year olds.

Wishing the best to you in this part of your mommy journey. . .


Michelle Z

Good luck!

Is the new blog secret?

Jennifer Clark

i'd love to follow you, if you're sharing...you know how i feel about this issue, and you've got my support!! (((hugs)))


New blog please. :-)


And are we allowed to follow along?


If you are willing to share for those of us still fighting the good fight...I've love to come along...


Good luck on your new journey to the land of fertility treatments. As a nosy blog reader I would love to follow along on your journey. However, as an IVF vet I completely understand not wanting anyone who knows you to know all the details of your reproductive system. My family knew we were doing IVF but no one knew specifics at all. My former boss (IVF mom) and cyber friends were the only ones who knew details. If you feel comfortable sharing your new blog I would love to read it. If not, I hope to hear news of a healthy singleton pregnancy soon.


wow, i find it hard to cope with two blogs. good luck! :D


i know i haven't commented in forever, but i just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your new journey!


Since I'm thinking of going through IVF again soon (in the hopes of a second child), I would be very interested in reading your new blog, if possible?


Good luck and I'm with the others, I want to follow along with ya! Please share the new site - pretty please.


Do you have a link to your new infertility blog? I would love to read it if you would share the URL with me. I have been reading your blog about J man and the triplets for ages and would feel lost without updates! Thanks in advance if you can share it. And I wish you much success - you're a great mom!


We were also planning on starting back at the RE in January. Now I'm hedging though because right after Simchas Torah, we got a surprise positive (first time ever) that unfortunately ended shortly after. But now I'm wondering about holding out a little while longer to see if it was just lightning striking or actually means that something has changed. Since I haven't yet figured out how we'll handle the logistics of morning monitoring anyway, I'm trying to convince DH to give it 6 more months.

If you are inclined to share any of your newest journey, I would enjoy reading. Though if not, that's certainly understood, too.



I so get it!

I started a new blog dedicated just to my journey which re-starts TOMORROW!!

It makes total sense...infertility is a journey in and of its self, but its not the whole of our being. So it does make perfect sense to make a "new" blog dedicated to that. There is much to be learned from others journeys be it for "newbies" or vetrans or for those who are just looking for support. But again, it isn't the sum of our parts.

Good luck, and if you wish to share the URL I would love to read up on it! After all I found you when we were pregnant and I was looking for info on potential multiples so I would LOVE to follow this journey as well!


I would love to continue reading on your new blog if you would like to share the URL. If not I will continue to read here and support you with any news you share here...


Hey, I 100% completely understand starting another blog for your next round b/c I can't share ours on my current one. We will be doing one (2?) more next year b/c we still have some embryos left and this is something I can not share with family and lots of friends. That said, I'd love to have access to your next blog since we're going through the same process of meeting w/re's and making crazy decisions.


just like everyone else, I'll follow you to your new blog if you're inviting readers.


Ditto everyone -- I would love to follow :)


I can understand your reluctance to post it here. I'll hope to get an invite to the new blog, and I'll look forward to hearing how your appointment went - either on the new blog, or send me an email if you have a chance.

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