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November 20, 2008


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Jennifer Clark

i almost skipped over the last part of your last paragraph...and then i saw, "because it has really hurt to bend my pinky for about 2 months." do you know why???? because it really hurts to bend my pinky on my right hand!! for longer than 2 months - more like 4 months! and it gets sort of stuck in the bent position and doesn't want to straighten. i was thinking maybe it's arthritis...but 34 seems a little young for that. maybe not...


Ack, so sorry for all the discomfort. I have a lot of trouble taking any of it now, since I've been in pain or sick to one degree or another since I found out I was pregnant in August 2007.

It's hurt to bend my thumb since August and I think the steroid shot is the next step for me, too. Please let me know how it goes, and hang in there!


What a horrible migraine. Glad their were people around to help get you (and your car) home safely. Hope you feel better today....pinky and all.

this mom

Oh my, how scary! I'm so glad that it didn't get a lot worse while you were still driving and that you were able to get home safely.
I hope your finger feels better soon. That just seems annoying as well as painful.


Oh wow, scary stuff indeed. I really wish I could wave a magic wand and make your megraines disappear. I have about 1 a year, and it is 1 too man! Imagine what you have to live with.


Sounds horrible! But good decision about the cars.



:( i've had that eye aura thingy with a couple of migraines before and it's totally awful. i'm glad you were able to get home safely. hope the pinky starts feeling better, too.

The Microblogologist

That is so scary, it is so great that the doc thought up that brilliant solution and you didn't have to decide to risk driving v abandoning the van! As for the steroid injection, if you are like me (and I think most) it hurts a lot for a day or two and then suddenly the pain all goes away and it feels good as new, be careful at this point not to overdo it! Unfortunately for me the pain came back, though it is not as bad and I am hoping to avoid getting another injection, especially since three is the limit and after that they discuss cutting it open (for my issues). I hope you feel better soon.

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