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November 04, 2008


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I don't usually comment, but I read religiously! Sorry about the whole fertility clinic mess. I hope you get a good feeling from them when you have the consult...you never know. And, on the whole having another baby thing...(not that you need any validation from me!) but I think it's wonderful and I wish you only the best...


i'm just sad for you after reading the update on the fertility clinic mess. :( you're still in my thoughts/prayers.

you know, i've known several bloggers who have blogged about the first 3 months or so of their pregnancy w/o posting it and then once they made the big announcement to everyone, they retroactively posted everything. might be something to think about. that way, you have an outlet for what you're feeling/thinking, but you're not having to put it out there for everyone to read until you're ready, if ever.


sorry you feel like your hands are so tied with the cycling. Can you wait to wean until you know when you'll cycle? They may not even be able to get you in for a few months.

Does your old blog still exist? maybe you could go back to posting on that one for cycle details. Or doesn't typepad let you have some posts password protected and some public? then maybe you could post on this blog about your cycle, but only share those posts with people who have the password.


Whatever you decide, rest assured that there are a couple of girls out there that will support you no matter what. Good luck, and with the sick babies.


I feel the same way you do once I start cycling in 3 weeks. I don't feel that I WANT to share all the nitty gritty. I know I would be supported if I do...but that isn't the point. SO while we are in different point...me tryign to get that first live baby and you trying to (complete) expand your family I get that maybe not sharing is the way to go!

Good luck what ever happens! No matter what you have support!!!


How irritating about the insurance. And you're right - it's about the control. As if enough of that wasn't taken away already. Hope everyone gets well.


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