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November 05, 2008


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WHat the eff...IF you were not really wearing make-up, then you WIN...OMG, Karen you skin is like peaches and cream perfection. Oh yeah, you are early 30's-but still, so not fair.
Seriously, don't wear make-up if you look that good without it. Your black and white version of the photo rocks.

I had fun too, and next time, Jessica is buying.


coffee dates, even if they don't involve coffee, are the best!


OMG. I could TOTALLY believe it if ONE of you forgot the lifesize cutout of me, but HELLO?? You BOTH forgot it?? Thats just unheard of. Whatever.

And I do so agree with you, Meningitis is a WICKED poor excuse for not driving nearly 2 hours for coffee.

I did miss you both though!! :) Next time m'kay?


Sounds like a great coffee date!



Just wanted to stop over here and thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog. Your questions about the experience (or lack of) issue definitely gave me something to think about and I appreciate that.

You have a beautiful family!

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