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November 23, 2008


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Okay, I feel like the stereotypical mid-westerner by being in awe that your Target has elevators. What fun!


wow. what a witch!
She seems to be one too many herself. Perhaps she should do the world a favor and jump off the nearest cliff.


My eyes got wide on that comment! See, I would have snarked back and said "are you jealous, or simply insensitive you old bat" But you handled that far better and more maturely than I!


I'm 33 weeks pregnant with #2, and I have a 13 month old (who is pretty small and not walking yet, so he looks younger than he is to most people). Most people are very congratulatory or at least just keep it to "you'll have your hands full" or something of the sort.

However, we did have one woman tell us "I'm sorry" when told that our kids would be 15 months apart. "I'm sorry"? You're sorry we have one beautiful child and are about to have another? Yeah, I really need that sympathy. I know we're blessed beyond measure and I regularly get choked up thinking about how grateful we are to have more than many people could ever hope for, but it still made me want to kick her in the face. That is, if I could swing my leg up even halfway that high.


You know, I'd like to think that I have an excellent sense of restraint. I've always wondered, when I read stories about people randomly assaulting other people, what could possibly provoke someone to physically attack someone else. Especially someone they don't know.
But I gotta tell you, I can see it now. You should win an award, because I honestly think I would have backhanded her a good one.


Someone once told me a great response she had when faced with a similar comment. She said, "Tell me, which one of my children shouldn't I have had?" Not that I would ever have the guts to actually respond to something like that but its a great comment nonetheless.


They joys, eh? You seem to have such grace about it, though.



i've become much more cognizant of my comments to moms (and dads) of multiples after following several of these blogs. my friend and i saw a family with triplets two weekends ago and after confirming that indeed, they were triplets, we both responded with enthusiastic "so cute!" responses.

i think your easy going nature with all the comments is awesome, but really, i think you have permission to at least give a person the stink eye after a comment like that! ugh!


Oh my goodness- people have some nerve! I have no idea how i would react in that situation, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been as polite.


I guess I'm lucky to be used to triplets too (my husband has triplet uncles - 50 years ago they became the first recorded triplets in our county!). It just seems completely normal to me and I never think to ask if multiples were spontaneous or through the help of ART (I guess that's a good thing!! lol). There certainly wasn't ART 50 years ago when G's nana got pregnant with the boys. :-)

Ugh, you were way more restrained than I would have been. We get quite a few looks and comments given that our 2 are only 18 months apart but to have someone comment on having too many would have definitely sent me over the edge. One comment that I do HATE is "was she an accident?" while looking at my daughter, like she's a horrible thing that happened. My response is "actually she was an awesome surprise and we couldn't be more thankful for her". Sometimes people just don't think before they speak.

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