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October 28, 2008


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Yikes, I feel for you girl. We have the same nonsense here.


that conversation would be funny if it weren't so annoying.


That is insanely frustrating. Hopefully things will get better -- as part of the big bailout bill, Congress just passed a mental health parity act, requiring that mental health conditions be covered at the same level as medical conditions. I hope your insurance falls under that provision, since I think it would help to reduce the number of extremely irritating phone calls like this. Ugh!


OMG - I would have jumped through the phone and killed someone. Poor insurance person doesn't have a clue either, that's the sad thing.

Maybe contact HR at Seth's job to see if they can help. They have an account manager for the insurance company that might be able to escalate internally for you.


I hate it so much! The insurance system is totally designed to make people give up instead of fighting for the money that they are owed.


Insurance companies are just awful - especially for anything dealing with mental health. Grrr...


i used to be an office manager for a dermatologist and got to deal with insurance companies all. day. long. some are great... and then there are all the others. :/

my blood is boiling for you after reading the above conversation. !!! the thing i learned is that if you're having that kind of round and round with them, ask to speak with their supervisor. and if that doesn't work, ask to speak with the supervisor's supervisor. at some point, you should be able to get ahold of someone who can help you. also, and i sure you know this, record the date, time and person you spoke with for each of these incidents. my heart goes out to you b/c i'm more than aware of just how frustrating these companies can be. hang in there!


SO FRUSTRATING!!! My brother is ADHD and I ADD and a few other medical/learning/mental issues. I really wish that some people would see "our side" of the fence. I wish I could help ya out. Feel free to vent!!! Hang in there


Oh. My. Goodness. I think that's the point at which I would ask to speak to a supervisor. Also, just for kicks, I might try telling them that I'm recording the conversation for quality control purposes.

Sorry you have to deal with these idiots.

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