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October 28, 2008


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again, ugh! keep track of all this stuff and stay on them! i guess add "having to stay on top of the insurance companies like it's your full-time job" to the list of things "they" don't tell you about.



I HATE insurance companies and I HATE that we are so dependent on them.


Having gone through VERY similar insurance fights, reading your last post actually made me laugh out loud. Not because it's funny but because I can remember being in the situation and if I hadn't been laughing I would have cried in frustration (or perhaps started formulating the murder plot you mention).

Just as the only practical thing I can think of that might help - have you tried talking to your HR department about it? When Malka ended up in PICU at 8 weeks, they brought in a pediatric GI doc who did an endoscopy but insurance wouldn't cover it because he wasn't in network (that week - he was about a month later). After much back and forth between the insurance, dr, and hospital (after all, they didn't mention he wasn't on my plan, and a mother of a critically ill 8-week old isn't going to be checking the website to make sure all umpteen docs brought in are in network when they should be aware of it), I ended up talking to the VP of my HR department. He was able to make ONE thirty second phone call to his contact at the insurance company and it was paid the very same day - no questions asked.


oh wow, now i want to kick someone!

My Reality

Insurance companies are INFURIATING.

Jennifer Clark

yeah, i had to LOL too, out of total sympathy and totally relating to your insurance drama. it's so ridiculous. i, too, still get bills and EOB's for the twins' NICU stay. i get bills for stuff that's not my responsibility, and when i call to talk to the hospital, they tell me my insurance denied it b/c my deductible was not met. um, i don't HAVE a deductible. wtf???? it took me over a month to get a new apnea monitor belt for makayla when she was still having apnea alarms. now i can't get the stupid people to come pick up the apnea monitors now that we're done with them. i get EOB's saying stuff's been denied, and after hours of phone calls back and forth to the hospital and the insurance, i finally get the insurance company to understand that just because the bill was for the same amount for the same procedure for the same date does NOT mean it was a duplicate bill and they can deny it - it means there are TWO babies who had the same procedure done that day, you idiots! seriously - just thinking about it all gets my blood pressure up!!! (((hugs))) and deep breaths!!


You swear a lot less than I would expect for someone dealing with all of this. I thought I was annoyed with the insurance company who tried to deny all of P's birth claims because we didn't add him in a month--despite having called them the day he was born to add him and having been told that it was all done and I'd just pay the additional premium the next month. That was annoying. What you're dealing with? Justification for homicide.


Am I supposed to be laughing here? Because when I hear punchline I think I'm supposed to laugh and I'm SO not laughing.

oops almost shabbat

Oy gevalt.

Phone errands and paperwork are annoying as it is, but dealing with idiots who cannot follow reason and logic make it so much worse.

For what it's worth, I've had luck a few times trying to channel what I like to imagine as my inner Israeli, that is, I am firm, certain, and to the point when I call up ("Hi, I received a bill that says I owe you money and I don't. You've made a mistake.") rather than confused, inquiring, and friendly ("Hi, I'm not sure why I received this bill from you and am hoping you can tell me.").


The insurance stuff would drive me absolutely mad. Like pick up a sharp object mad...


Oh. Good. Grief. Good luck with that claim...


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