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October 26, 2008


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I'd take the SuperYard if I was close enough to pick it up...but shipping would be a beast. We had one for my nephew that was great - and it was big, with the extension in. We had a super open floor plan and it was the only way to keep him in the right room... no baby gates were possible.

I think it'd be impossible NOT to have one with multiples!

Good luck with the walking! I'm sure it'll be great fun...and more work. You're amazing though, I'm sure you can handle it. :)

Jennifer Clark

ha ha...ellie sounds like makayla - EVERYTHING in the mouth!!! i already (gulp) had to call poison control b/c she got ahold of anthony's homemade slime and ate some...fortunately, it turns out elmer's glue and a small amount of borax won't actually hurt your baby if ingested!! :) like the J-man, anthony was SO easy - baby-proofing meant putting plugs in the outlets - that's about it. the twins are already proving that we have MUCH more baby-proofing to do!!! ha ha...fun, isn't it?!


We still find a couple of uses for our Superyard at age 2. Last summer we put it around the baby pool in the back yard. The sun could warm the water but no kids could get in until we were ready. We also use it around the Christmas tree, but clearly not a need you have, LOL.

I have been bathing my triplets alone in the same tub since they were 13 or 14 months old. The keys are organization and draining the tub. Have everything ready to go and the diapers in the bathroom. I drain the water in the tub as I am rinsing the kids off. By the time everyone is rinsed the tub is empty. I get the 1st kid out, dry off and diaper. The remaining kids in the tub play with the toys while waiting their turn. After everyone is out we move to another area to lotion and dress everyone.


Toddling is so cute.


I will totally take your superyard if no one's claimed it. We're just a few weeks from mobility here and it's scaring me! I hate buying new plastic, so even if the shipping is up there, let me know :)


Great to hear from you again. I have just the best solution for tantrums when it gets too much - just lie down next to the kiddo and copy the behavior exactly - H did that - I nearly cracked up laughing and had to hide on the stairs but that was her very last real tantrum.


Abby's tantrums sound hilarious... from someone who doesn't have to live with it until she's 5;-)


Hey there - sounds like loads of fun! My friend with triplets was over on friday - hers are just 6 days older than mine - so we had all 5 babies cruising around our play room. I asked her how she bathes them - she said she does 2 at at time, and closes off the hallway doors so that the one that's not in the tub can safely crawl around while she's attending to the other two.

Celinda Appleby

I can't believe they are so mobile! Holy cow that is a lot of food!! What are you putting in the omelets? I'd love your super yards and I will take very good care of them :)


Since you asked, this parent has a baby pit for her singleton. Somehow it feels better to me than putting her in a playpen (which is just too small to really practice crawling) for those times when I have to be doing something else. It's also just a really fun spot - foam floor tiles, toys, a ball pit - and my friends and their babies love being in there when they come over. (it's a 6'x12' baby pit with the ability to expand, fyi)


Oh my. They really are growing up and into everything, aren't they?

Baby pit... am off to google the difference between that and a play pen... but I imagine there are plenty with one that find a use. It is all pretty temporary, though, isn't it?


The Microblogologist

We baby-proofed our lower level (Dad hangs out down there 24/7 as does my sister) and Dad built a 4' tall door/gate to contain my niece down there. Whenever she was allowed out of the "dungeon" it was often quite the disaster, she tended to be baby-proofing-proof! I am glad that at 5 she is outgrowing some of her crazy destructiveness and not climbing to the top of the fridge and such so they have been able to stop keeping her contained. So I suppose it depends on the kid as to if they need a baby pit or not, my sisters and I did not have one.

Toddling is sooo cute!

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