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October 12, 2008


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oh boy, you are in for some fun!

I think you need to get a different kind of gate - one with bars instead of those holes. We have a similar corral type thing, but it's metal bars. Just google Kidco PlayDen and you'll find it - they sell extensions too, so you can make it bigger.

good luck!


Wow that is impressive!


If you're thinking you might need a gate that doesn't let him climb, and doesn't cost $400, I just got one that I love and would wholeheartedly recommend - the Summer infant sure and secure custom-fit gate. It stretches to 12 feet without having to buy any extension pieces, and you can buy two and make a 7X7 play yard.


the climbing reminds me a lot of ella, she loves to climb. but, that is crazy - i cannot believe he worked his little toes into the holes and climbed up!


I think it is time to re-think the Superyard. Babyproof the house and put up gates with bars like a PP said. They are much harder to climb. I can't imagine walking babies being happy for too long cooped up in a Superyard anyway. We never used it except around the Christmas tree and baby pool. My house is just babyproofed and there are gates where I don't want them to go.


I have to second Stephanie. Impressive.


Oh my, you are in trouble! I love spirited, innovative kids - a bit more work for the parents, but not a minute of boredom. And they turn out self assured free thinking adults.


Oh boy... the next year or so is going to be a real challenge!


This was such a sweet post. Just look at that face! He really really wanted to be with you. Awww.


Good luck! We have the same problem right now. Except that our two are LIFTING the superyard at one end where it's secured between two heavy pieces of furniture. So they've figured out that if they can get it up just a bit, it'll stay wedged and they can crawl underneath the gate and start exploring. Cat food - yum!

We also have the task of babyproofing the entire downstairs on our to-do list for after all the yom tovim. Oh yes, and also speeding up the necessity - both babies are now certified mountain...er...couch climbers. We're pictuing them going up and over any minute now. And aside from the fall, they'll then be in non-babyproofed territory.


OH MY! That could add for some crazy times. I also have prehensile toes which REALLY came in handy at the end of my pregnancy when I dropped things! I never thought about how it could someday help me escape lock-up! :)


We called my brother "Monkey Feet" for similar reasons. I won't sugarcoat things - he was constantly climbing things and scaring my mom! Good luck with your little Monkey Boy!


Hilarious (for me - not you)! We had to give up on the non-stair gates and never had a play yard because of this issue. The brutes would either rip them off the walls (even screwed in) or push on them until they fell down. Good luck - climbers are not fun.

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