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October 15, 2008


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Interesting post. As always, I love your writing. October 9th is a significant day for me, too. 1st of all, it is my amazing mother's birthday. 2 years ago, on Oct. 9th, my parents went to the hospital as my dad was feeling ill. It was the last car ride he would take as he passed away 2 weeks later. My last memory of him (besides the 2 weeks in the hospital) was on Yom Kippur that year. Somehow I knew it would be the last we would spend together.


I always love to read whatever you wrote - and today is no exception. I get so excited when I see Chez Perky has pasted. Thanks for all the lovely reading.


You'll never forget, but you will heal.


you know, i don't think any of what you're feeling is illogical. i only hope that in time you're able to find the joy in these holidays that once held so much of it for you.


I hear you!

April 8th, dads birthday--my BFP

December 15th sisters birthday--my due date

May 1st, my miscarriage. Oh yes I really want to celebrate either birthday this and next year...

My Reality

You never forget, but the pain will ease, at least a little.


beautiful post, as always. All of your memories nearly brought tears to my eyes. I remember all those moments from last year, I remember the post you wrote about needing the transfusion and not being able to reach seth. The calendar imprints dates on our brains. You've come so far.


Great post, love hearing about these customs etc. And I know what you mean about dates. Around here, May was a kind of a black month, and then the Prata Baby was born in May, and now I don't know what to think of it.


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