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October 07, 2008


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Some days parenting is just plain hard, no matter who the child is.


I always read your blog in awe of your energy and ability to care for your kids. From what I can tell you do a wonderful job (way above par) and actually put us mom's of singles to shame! I love reading your blog and how honest and real you are. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Jennifer Clark

Trust me, Karen, you were chosen to be J's mother, and there is NO ONE who could do a better job of it! No one could love him more than you, no one could be a better advocate for him than you, and no one could be as committed to helping him thrive as you are. Keep on keeping on. Tomorrow's another day. (((hugs)))




Big hugs coming to you today! I know that I only know you through your blog, but I am quite sure that you are doing a very, very fabulous job with all of your kiddos. Sorry you are having a rough day (or several). Here's hoping that there'll be a rainbow at the end of this cloudy season soon!


"I don't know that I was cut out to do this, but then again, I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it better."

Wow, I think you just summed up parenting as a whole. :) I don't think that's incompetence, but the realization that we're only human.

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