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October 25, 2008


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I definitely got two kinds of "ass-vice" while pregnant with my first, in two completely different camps: either "OMG you will NEVER, EVER, EVER sleep again" or "It is the most AMAZING and SPIRITUAL experience EVER". I found neither to be the whole truth, and the first "scary" advice to not be at all helpful (why scare people? makes no sense).

If someone asks me how having kids changes your life, I say something like this:

It will be completely different than you could ever imagine it would be. Better, but different. I learned alot of patience (both for myself and for my son) and that nothing bad will happen if you put your child safely in their crib to shower (5 minutes of crying never hurt anyone). AND! Don't be afraid to ask for help - you CAN do this.


Do you know you are right, women need to learn to tell of the honest things but not terrify other women, having children I believe no matter how many at one time, is hard, tiresome and absolutely the biggest privelege in the world. It is the most life changing thing you will ever do witht he absolute most amazing rewards at the end. Everyday I watch my boys knowing that My husband and I were so lucky to have created the most gorgeous boys ever (every mum feels this!!!) all the while feeling the overwhelming presssure to make sure that they become men of great character and resposibility while keeping their sprits alive....

beinga parent is a HUGE job, sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little praise


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