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September 19, 2008


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Happy Birthday Ellie, Abby and Sam! And a major congratulations to Mom and Dad for surviving, better yet for thriving as a family for an entire year. Gotta throw the J man in there too - he's been a big brother for a year now!

Jennifer Clark

wow, a whole year!! happy birthday, babies!!! congrats, karen and seth!!! so amazing. it has truly been a privilege watching you go through this time with such incredible strength and passion. i remember when i first searched for information on adding formula to breastmilk for a failing to thrive baby, and found your blog!! you are an inspiration to me. go celebrate!!


Happy Birthday to Abby, Sam, and Ellie! Congratulations on making it!! Love you all!


Happy Birthday Babies!! These are lovely entries, I actually got a little weepy reading them... i remember when they were born, sitting home big and pregnant with my own triplets, so happy to read about your healthy babies. I thought I still had a long time to go til I delivered mine - little did i know i wouldn't be far behind you. They are all so beautiful. You are a lucky family. :)


Wow! Happy birthday to the babies and mazel tov to all of you! I also teared up reading your post. Enjoy!


Oh, and I forgot to mention - that's a beautiful video that you made.


what an incredibly beautiful post, happy birthday to those beautiful babies and congratulations to mommy and daddy for making it through the 1st year!


Happy birthday!!!! Your family is a huge inspiration to me!


Happy birthday to the beautiful threesome! You have come a long way, babies!!!

And congratulations to you and Seth as well. You have accomplished much together!!!


Happy happy birthday to all 3 of them, and congrats to you and Seth! Your post made me cry, all of you have come so far! I hope they have a wonderful birthday

Jennifer J

It truly has been an honor to watch your family thrive over this past year. I dont have words to express how happy I am for yall and how deeply you have touched my heart.
I pray the year ahead is just as blessed as the one that just passed by so quickly.
much love,


It has been so good to follow the progress of the miracle trio and how well integrated the quartet of children have become. May they continue to bring blessings to you!


Happy, happy, happy birthday to all three of your beautiful and thriving babies! (And how cool it is that all four of your kids have birthdays so close together--somehow I didn't put that together until just now.) I loved the slide show, and reading your memories of the day that they were born. How they've changed and grown. Mazel tov to all of you!


Happy, Happy Birthday Perky Babies! There were tears reading your post...congratulations on successfully making such a huge milestone. Your parents love you so very much and it's been wonderful to "watch" you grow.


Happy birthday, babies (who are not such little babies anymore)!


The three posts above are so lovely. Looking at the then-and-now photos is shocking! They truly have thrived. And the lower-right photo of Abby (img_2500.jpg) is a true portrait and hauntingly beautiful. The first paragraph of this post really tells the story well. And the collection of photos in the slideshow is great. It is good you included ones of each parent with the babies! Where is one with the big brother? And yes, you did it! You all really did it, and will continue to do so. All of this is so amazing! The photos together with the words have a synergistic effect, really driving home the reality of it all. I know you only through the internet, and I am weeping so much. What a celebratory week it has been for you all, and how nice it is that it continues into Shabbat. Have a fabulous Shabbat with time to recount the past week and reflect on the past year and to take in all the joy.


Wow, I started reading your blog just when the babies were born. What a wonderful, miraculous year you all have had. They are gorgeous children and you are a beautiful family.
Happy 1st Birthday -- Ellie, Sam and Abby! And Happy 5th Birthday to J-Man!!! :)


there are so few times in my life that I've been at a complete loss for words. this is one of those times. the bond that I developed with you and Seth during your pregnancy was one that I knew was unique... I knew that I wanted to cultivate it into something special and unique, it has turned into so much more than that and honestly I credit our awesome personalities...But more than that, I credit the three incredible lives that you brought into the world last september. I have told other people how much I have loved their children, but I'm not sure that I have ever loved anybody else's children more than I love yours... I genuinely care, I genuinely rejoice, and I genuinely worry.
Clearly I'm not quite at as much of a loss as I thought I was...
Bottom line, I love you, I love those babies, and I'm so incredibly proud of you and this journey that you're on... I couldn't imagine being on it with anyone else in this world and I love you so very much. Congratulations on rejoicing this year...

My Reality

Wow, a whole year! I remember when you found out you were pregnant with triplets. I am so glad to have followed this journey along with you and to watch your beautiful children, grow, thrive and get cuter by the day!!



I had totally forgotten that they were born on my birthday! I need to get caught up on your blog, I've been bad lately.

Happy birthday little ones! Congratulations to your mommy! She is brave and strong and I admire her!


Congratulations! You've made it! And with flying colors. Happy birthday little critters - may you always bring your parents pure joy and love.


happy birthday to your adorable little babies!

that last picture in the slideshow is so perfect and i think sums up this post so well. congratulations mommy!

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