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September 12, 2008


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I know not everyone believes in chiropractic care, but my sister is a chiropractor, so I've had lots of experience with it and it has really helped me. I wouldn't be standing 32 weeks into my triplet pregnancy if it weren't for my chiropractor taking care of my sciatica.

I used to see a chiropractor for awful headaches, and I have referred others who truly had migraines. I am now headache free, and most of the others I sent got great results, too. One went back to her neurologist of 10 years and demanded to know why he had never suggested she see a chiropractor.

It's a drug-free treatment, so no side effects. My sister is a Palmer chiropractor, so I always look for someone trained at Palmer.

The worst case scenario is that it doesn't work for you and you have to go back to the medicines. If you find a trained Palmer chiropractor, you will be in good hands.


Sorry--no advice or anything, just hope the new meds work for you

and thanks again for your emails ;)

MaryBeth @ Four Silly Sisters

I was going to ask if you've ever tried reflexology or a chiropractor. I see that you've already had one comment regarding chiropractic care. Just curious?


I hope you start feeling much better! You have way too much going on to have a constant migraine. Hope the babies and the J-man are doing well.


Oh how awful, I hope the drugs give you some relief!


Here's hoping. That day you described is just about giving *me* a headache.



Geez louise-what a pain, literally!!! I pray that these go away sooner rather than later. Hope the steroids are not giving you any trouble.
Hang in there!!!


I am so sorry that you suffer from migraines. I don't have them very often and they usually aren't that severe. I just wanted to say that I hope your meds work and that you get some relief soon.



I used to get migraineds and they are hell. So sorry yours aren't getting better. Hugs


I cannot imagine what you are going through. I hope these migraines break soon.


My migraines come from my neck (sometimes) and one of the only things that helps is a shot of steroids in the occipital nerve in the back of my head, it'll give me relief for 3 months, i've also had a shot in my eyebrow that helped as well.
I sure hope you can get rid of the pain soon. Hang in there!


i hope you get some relief soon. :(

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