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September 09, 2008


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I used to have migraines. I say used to because when I came out on the other side of menopause, they went away. Absolutely the only good thing about menopause, believe me.

But when I had them, I used several non medicinal ways to cope. I pressed on the "webbing" between my thumb and forefinger. Either hand, didn't matter. Then I would press on my head near the focus of the pain. If migraines involve dilated blood vessels, I figured I was pushing that sucker back in place.

And lastly, although I hesitate to mention it because it is weird, I "looked" away from the pain. Here's how -- if my head hurt around the right temple, I would look up and to the left. With my eyes closed. Trying to focus away from where it hurt.

Dark rooms are good too.

{{{hugs}}} to you. Migraines suck.


Once again Karen you rock! For real, how does one person (beit you or seth) get all 3 babies down by themselves. I had such a hard time last week with this task and my night (Wednesday) is fast approaching again. I nurse The boy and the little ones get bottles - the problem is they all want it at the same time. I can usually handle all 3 at once, no problem but for some reason my solo bedtime night was a disaster. Any ideas?


Okay, let me figure this out. To put it plainly, you use your boobs four or five times a day? The morning feeds for Sam and Ellie, the 11:00 pump, and I assume on a normal day you would feed Sam/Ellie before bed and then pump again at night. Is that right?

And for extra nosiness, how many are ounces are you getting total for each of the two pumps? Do notice that you have had a decrease? Are the babies just not drinking that much boob juice as they used to?

Sigh. It's probably because they are good eaters (if that is the case). I wish I knew how I could get Morella to eat more, instead I think her boob juice intake is increasing because she is getting bigger.

My Reality

No wonder you have a migraine.


I'm tired just from reading this post! Cheers to Karen & Seth.

Is there a more concentrated steroid injection you could get that might knock it out or is Doc just trying to not have to go there (like you need another doctor's appointment...)


Ditto My Reality's comment. And lots of hopes that a day like that is only going to be found in your past!


You do SO SO SO much, Karen! And GO SETH!! I know having a great husband is also key to keeping the machine going too. I am so grateful for my great hubby too!


Yip, it is teamwork that makes it work so well! Mine is also really a blessing.


Wow! Glad to know not every day is quite like that, though I can see how they are all pretty full. (And you kept such precise track of time!)

I hope you got more to eat than what it sounds like. You mentioned a banana and a bite of a bagel aound 6:30 a.m. and a "snack" around 5:30 p.m. I know I couldn't keep up a schedule like that without some lunch.

Here's to kicking that headache's b*tt!

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