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September 01, 2008


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Adorable pic! So glad things are good with him. I've used Cool Whip for meds as well if he is tired of ice cream. You might try that for a change.

My Reality

J is going to thrive because of you and Seth. He is lucky to have you. I hope he has a good birthday and gets lots of Bionicles. :)


What a sweet post. My little brother had ADHD growing up but my parents (& older brother & I) always had such love for him and he thrived. He is now 29... graduated from a top college, living with his girlfriend, has a great job, etc. It is so important to ENJOY your kids, even with the challenges. It's very clear that you truly do enjoy all 4 of your children. They are very lucky to have you as their eema. :)


Oh gosh, cute post. He is adorable! And do they not just live for their birthdays.


This is a GREAT post! Thank you!


Bribery for the greater good isn't harmful in my opinion :) And I have to agree w/J Man...Bionicals are COOL!

Rachel Inbar

Bionicles are awesome. J has good taste. I kept getting the 'old' ones when they were on sale - I think I've bought Matan about 5 of them and they are really neat... He doesn't play with them much, but he really loves them (he's 12).


Another great post! You and the J-Man are lucky to have each other in your lives.


Great post, great pic. I guess, with all the meds and appointments, it's easy to forget to talk about the good stuff.


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