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September 14, 2008


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You gotta let em' have icing. Those messy 1st birthday photos are priceless. Keep a bucket and a hose near by :)

J man looks completely content with his day! Happy birthday everyone!!!!


Happy Birthday, J-boy! I hope you just looooooove being five!


Birthdays all around! Can't wait to read about the triplets too...


Happy birthday - J!


Must have icing! You need those pictures! No matter how low key your celebration is, the kids need cake with icing to make a big mess. Just remember extra clothes if it is in the park...and a bath when they get home.


Happy Birthday J-Man!
What a big year this was been for you!
Have a great new year.
Big Teddy Bear Hugs
Rooth in California


j-man is such a cutie! he looks absolutely ecstatic over his gifts :)

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