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August 12, 2008


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uggg...so I have that to look forward to? Right now, any time I say anything negative about being pregnant, people tell me that I asked for this or I wanted it. Yes, I know I wanted this, more than anything else in the world, but that doesn't mean that I can't bitch when even my flip flops and crocs don't fit!

oops...sorry to steal your post. I can just imagine how I'll feel when those other comments start rolling in


gotta love that i am better than you attitude. what a pain in the a$*.

Dr. Rona Michelson

In general, the people who really have the most wisdom to offer, keep their mouths closed until asked.

Rachel Inbar

I still get comments about "how hard it must be with 2 little kids" when people see me with 2 of the younger ones. Mostly I nod and say, "uh huh"... I think Hillel (THE Hillel) had it right when he said, "Do not judge your fellow until you have stood in his (or in this case HER) place."


Welcome to motherhood?!
Hello, triplets?!
that means THREE! That means that if each one gets up just once in the night, eats, and goes back to sleep, you've had almost no sleep. It's kinda... an exponential thing.

besides which, you've certainly been a mother since the day J came to live with you.

the blogger formerly known as meghan :)

Sounds like my neighborhood frienemy who had a singleton in May. She spent all of April telling me how huge she was (my trips were born in March) and then all of May and June complaining her pants didn't fit and remarking how small my babies are in comparison to hers. Is it any wonder I stopped speaking to her in July? People can be so clueless, patronizing, insensitive and rude.


that would piss me off, too. people can be such idiots sometimes.

Ms. C

Sending you boat loads of credit!
The "Welcome to motherhood" comment is so annoying to me... Now for you, that's not even the truth of the situation!

My Reality

I have a real life friend who has a 15 month old and she calls me all the time with questions about what to feed him, what kind of medicine to give him when he has a fever, what kind of stroller she should get etc. My answer to her is always "How the hell would I know, I don't have a kid." And her reply back is always that she knows how much I know and knows how much I read and she values my input. Me, an infertile with out kids. It makes me feel like my time served is being somewhat recognized.


I've been waiting for this post! And on a single-parent week, how appropriate! Hope you survived ok.


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