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August 30, 2008


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your amazed hubby

You inspire me to work hard for our family. I love you.


Awww how freaking sweet is that!!!

You two are amazing!!!




I have not commented here many times, but I felt compelled to today. I love reading about true partnership in today's times. It is not the norm anymore so that makes it all the more beautiful when you do experience it. Your family is very lucky to be forged on such a solid foundation. Seth, you rock!


aww that is SOOOOOO sweet. your hubby is a rock star just like you are!


Knowing both of you as well as I do...I knew so much of this already...But to see it all written down is so eye opening...So awe inspiring...So fairy tale-esque.

You're the people that I make fun of, and then totally wish I was them. Kind of like the cheerleaders in high school.

You absolutely have what I want, and I envy you in so many ways.

I love you both, and am so infinitely proud of your bond, your strength, and your amazing friendship... But what I'm most proud of, is the amazing example that you're setting for your children, and us as your friends.

love you so very very much.

My Reality

You both are such wonderful people, it is no wonder that you make such a great team. You both rock!


This made me cry a little because I too am so grateful for my superhusband! Great job, guys!


It sounds like you have a fabulous husband! I think that we never really realize how truly wonderful our partners are until a situation arises where they need to step up to the plate...and they do!

For the record, I'm also married to a FANTASTIC man!


Perky One,

You have hit a nerve with me...you see there is an opportunity for our guys to teach this to other husbands and fathers....Being a Mench partner the intro course. Intro to Mensch 101 if you will by the Silly Slutsky and Chez Perky husbands!

I will market and promote them, you have to find the venue for them to teach it!

Great post Karen!

In Search of Morning Sickness

This has got to be one of my very favorite entries you've ever done. I just loved how you described the ease and flexibile way you guys work as a team. (to me) It's a true Biblical example of Oneness... To basically be an extention of the other person in many little areas of life.. To care about the other so much that you take care of their needs, and they yours, sometimes without even noticing. The soap dispenser thing was priceless. Seth and you set a great example for those in real life as well as in the blogosphere. I wish I knew you personally now. I feel like this is my husband and me so much... Thanks for such an uplifting and wonderful post... And loved the kiddos bath pictures too!!


Wow. Just wow. This is what every woman wants. I often read, but don't often comment but today I just had to. It almost brought a tear to my eye (ok, I did get a little misty) reading this. Seeing in black & white the amazing partnership that you and Seth have. How so many things are unspoken yet understood. I have to say I am pretty envious.

BTW - I love the Soap Fairy story. That is the perfect example of how you are part of each other.



You indeed are a great team! My hubby is also great - they say God choose the teams that He hands his multiples to.


The soap thing is so totally my husband - I don't think I've ever taken garbage out while with him, or had to ask him to. It's just something he does, like other stuff, without us ever discussing it. How we lucked into such gooders is beyond me. How women do it without such gooders is also beyond me.


it's so often that you hear the icky stories about husbands (and wives) that don't keep up their fair share of the work in a relationship. i feel similarly about my husband, but it's still nice to be reminded of the fact, that yes, there are some wonderful partnerships out there and that they don't have to be the exception. :)


What a sweet post! I hope Seth appreciates you as much as you appreciate him. What a wonderful partnership you have!


So glad you've got someone to fall back on. It makes a difference.


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