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August 31, 2008


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oh my gosh, the ducky in her mouth is great! love the pics :)

Rona Michelson

What totally adorable children! I think children are their most lovable when they are either covered with food, in baths, freshly bathed, or asleep... actually they are cute when they're eating and playing. Shucks. They're just plain cute!

My Reality

They are so precious!!


Precious, precious, precious!


Those are adorable pictures! I love the one with the duck in Ellie's mouth...and Sam looks so proud of himself in there ;) I just can not believe how big they've gotten


It must be a boy thing to drink the water because that is what Ryan does too. Then his diaper is huge and soggy the next morning. Love the photos! They are getting so big!


they are so cute! and look at how big they are!


The absolutely cutest pictures.


cutest pictures ever!




OMG!! I'm looking at these great pictures and laughing hysterically.

And I'm impressed with mamma - you're way braver than I am. I've done both of mine together in the inflatable tub inside the tub - though Malka gets a tad miffed at the amount of water Moshe churns up via massive slaps on the surface of the water. But I haven't had the guts to put either one of them - even singly - in the tub without some sort of padding.

I was actually just looking at a sort of "tub bumper" that they sell on One Step Ahead, thinking that with that, maybe I would put them both directly into the tub. But with Moshe also insisting on exploring every square inch - while standing - I just haven't had the fortitude.


they are so cute - thanks for sharing! We just started baths in the big tub too. And one of mine insists on holding toys in her mouth like too. so fun!


Oh my gosh - this is the best post ever. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. I can't believe how big they're getting.

We have one of those little ducks too. It's the perfect bite size for Audrey too.


Great pics!


They are adorable!!! How do you do it with 3? I have my twins and I lose my sanity often!

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