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August 11, 2008


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I have yet to get used to the feeling of being trapped once my son goes to bed. I will even get as far as planning out what errands I need to get done now that he is in bed, then I remember, HE IS IN BED. Congratulations on making it through the morning with 4 little ones, you really are supermom.

MaryBeth @ FourSillySisters

The stranded feeling after everything has finally settled down is one of the absolute worst things about the single parent gig for me... fortunately my hubbies "Mesopotamian vacation" with the ARMY will be over in a little less than one year and I'll have my side kick back, as you put it! I didn't know how I was going to survive this before he left, but somehow (by the grace of God, I suspect) you just do it because you have to.


So it would be wrong of me then to look up your hubby and take him on a tour of our fair city and then get him all liquoured up while he is in town then?


Cape, check.
I hate those days... And cat vomit.. ewwww.


Good grief!

Cat barf and a teething baby?!? If I didn't live across the country from you I'd come over and help.

(I know, easy for me to say being as though I DO live across the country. But still.)

I wish you good luck and hope the hours pass quickly.


Oh man. I had a week of single parenting last week and made it out alive. But that was just one kid and no cats. (I'm a pansy and sent our very large, energetic dog to "camp" for the week.)

Good luck to you.


i love my dog, but next time A travels, the mutt goes to the kennel. yup- your super mom powers increase and impress us mere mortals.


Hey I live near Pittsburgh. Can I join the drink party, Susan? Oh wait, I have those 3 kids in bed. Oh well.

Actually, although I am not a single parent, I play one much of the time. My husband travels for business a lot. When he is home he isn't here much. It is hard. I don't do too many errands while he is gone. I try and go to the grocery store when he is home. Target is my best friend for anything else I need. Most of the time, trapped is my life. I'm used to it now but can't ever say I love it. Love the kids, though.


Yeah, I don't even know how you do it WITH Seth, much less with him away. Definitely an impressive feat.


although i had an enormous amount of help from my parents, i was still a single parent to lydia. and those stranded nights at home aren't so awful. it is a different mindset and you know that no one else is there to pick up the slack so there is no expectation. and granted, i only had one little one, not 4. but, you know...you just do it. the same way you do it when you have triplets :)

Malky B.

I'm doing this every 3-6 weeks these days. No fun but I just have one child and no pets - thank G-d.

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