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August 19, 2008


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Wow, I really can't believe they are already 11 months old!! That is truly amazing. I know what you mean about savoring every milestone/moment. With my daughter I couldn't wait for her to start crawling/walking. Now with my son, I keep asking him to hold off a little longer so I can enjoy his infancy a little longer.

I love seeing how your trio keeps growing and is developing so well! Not that I'm surprised in the least...they are all amazing afterall!


Each one of them sounds amazing and unique. Any pictures?

I dread milestones. Each "new" thing means she's one step closer to moving out and going to college (or worse!). I have issues, man. :-P


Aww, they all sound so wonderful and so very different! I love hearing about what a great big brother J is. :)


happy 11 months! what a wonderful post, you will cherish this one :)


I guess you had a week where you turned around and realised all of them were growing up! Great updates.


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