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July 16, 2008


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Wait is that average number of teeth per the average baby or the average for the triplets?

My kid doesn't have ANY teeth yet. Man, she's always has to be fashionably late in everything. :P


I swear #7 is NEVER going to come in... Warren's been working on it for around 3 weeks. At least his smile is starting to even out though. For a while we had 5 teeth and 4 were on the left side of his mouth.


As to the math...the same way the AVERAGE American has 2.5 kids...the .1/2 of a kid lives in the garage behind the motor oil...


Chompers chompers everywhere! Ricky is still working on the first one, which only seems to bug him at 3am. Go figure.

Speaking of figures, my husband does the same thing with numbers. Last night he estimated Ricky was .36538...blah blah blah or whatever of a year old.

You guys should chat sometime and talk percentages. :-)


Moshe has 6 teeth with what looks like a couple more any time now. Funny, but Malka still has none! Oh well, the ILs tell me that DH only sprouted his first at 10+ months (and they're 10 months today). So we wait...


Wow!! Wow wow wow! We're still waiting on #1 'round here :-)


Saw your comment. Got it together and posted just for you. :)

I think you should chart the teeth progress using Excel. I'm more of a visual person myself. You could do that in your free time, right?

(I know, if I lived closer you would kick me.)

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