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July 03, 2008


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I know that it doesn't mean that every day will go smoothly, but I'm glad to hear that today went well.


We'll take what we can get right? :) Good job this morning!


Baby Steps...One Day At a Time... Whatever you choose to call it, you should be happy for every little success.


My daughter also insist on first getting dressed and then the toilet. Also can not figure out why.


Good news!


P often refuses to go to the bathroom until after he's dressed also. Don't know why that is.

I'm glad this morning was good and hope that there are many more good mornings like that in the future!

And I LOVE that you actually said that in the baby store--perfect! You have my undying respect for saying something that many of us have thought 50 times before!


First {{{hugs}}}.

I remember when my boys were young and misbehaved. Often, if not always, their worst explosions were followed the next day by total sweetness. I often thought that they felt more secure because we had given limits to their emotions when they were unable to. Reading about the explosion at the store and the total co-operation the next day made me think that the behaviors were linked.

Are you charting behaviors? Perhaps this will be your pattern, too.

There were two books that I lived by. Parent Effectiveness Training by Dr. Thomas Gordon and Between Parent and Child, by Dr Hiam Ginnot (sp). Both of these books are available as used books on Amazon. Both of these stressed calm discussion -- when the storm has passed of course -- with the child.You can tell even a four year old about your feelings when they misbehave, so tell J. how it made you feel when he melted down in the store.

Much love...

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