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July 27, 2008


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I so need you to come to my house to organize...


Oh how I love organization. I have a sick addiction to it.


I love the container store. Only problem is I never keep up with whatever organization system I buy...I just like to buy them ;)


That looks awesome - I'd love to be that organized. My babies clothes (and ours) are usually in a pile on the floor in our room! (I air dry all our clothes on racks in my room, so when they're dry and i have a new load of wet clothes, they just get dumped on the floor. I have every intention of then putting them away once the wet clothes are hung up, but usually a tiny person interrupts me by then!)


Ok, maybe you can pop over to my place and start there? Wish I had a container store around here. Looks super.

In Search of Morning Sickness

Karen you crack me up!!! While I love organizing, and I think I'd be just as frustrated about the kiddie clothes, I laugh because I just find it funny in the scheme of things I knew you'd fix it. Isn't it great that something so irritating could be handled by just a trip to the Container Store and a few hours work??? :) Love it.


...now what happens when those babies get their hands on the baskets and dump THEM all over the floor? Or are you taking to putting rocks on the bottom of the baskets so they can't? ;)


and i though my weekend was busy...wow! glad to hear you survived it! i love your method for clothes organization...i may have to steal it :)

and so, so awesome that you and jessica were able to meet up with pam...i love her!


the container store is one of my favorite shops. hope the clothes stay put for at least a few days :)


Wow, you sure had a busy weekend! As far as organizing goes, it looks like you have a system down; now it's just trying to get others to follow your system. Good luck with that!


That looks like a really neat store. Oh how I wish they had one of those in my area. The closest one looks like it is in MN, opening in October. Perhaps I will have to take a trip to the mega mall for some Christmas Shopping!! (I might even buy something for someone else too!!) :-)


Oh, I wish you had taken me with you. I start salivating when I see organizational buckets. You need to come over and see the new living room piece.

Hope Seth is okay.


6 weeks...try more like a year. I had a 3rd degree sprain last Aug and to this day there are days when it feels like i just did it! Poor Seth.

My house would drive you bonkers and we don't have any kids! Glad someone in the world actually uses their organizational skills for good rather than evil :)


I'm sure the babies will have a great time emptying the baskets. At least the ones they can reach. :-)

But it looks wonderful for now. Elaine


oooh...I do like those containers.


I'm drooling! The order! The neatness! Swoon! !!!


Karen, you've inspired me. Kali's change table shelves are a disaster. I'm going off to remedy that now.

My Reality

I hope Seth will get back to normal again soon. It sounds like he did a number on himself.

Wanna organize here? I could keep you occupied for weeks. . .


It won't last long. If they can reach them, the clothes will be messed up really soon. My triplets clothes used to be kept in a room they play in. Now they are in the one room downstairs we have gated off. It is much cleaner that way.


IKEA sells containers like those pictured, so if there isn't a container store near you, you may not be doomed.

If you have my organizational skills, however, no amount of containers will help ;)

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