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July 29, 2008


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It's a good thing all of MY services are free.
It sucks that I live so far away.
Yet one MORE thing they didn't mention in that blasted motherhood manual...
Oh yeah... you'll meet the COOLest Mommy friend in the WORLD and she'll live eons away.
Ah well, I guess I COULD live in Colorado, or... California... Or... Bali.
But then you'd have a reader in Bali.
THAT would be cool.
rambling now.


Looks like you three had a lot of fun - I'm jealous! COme to Jersey!! :)

Hope you work out the thing with J's meds. Poor guy.

I keep counting in my head - don't you guys have 12 children between you? Your four, Jessica's 5 and Pam's 3.... am I adding wrong?? LOL


I love that you think that motherhood is perfect right now. We spend so much time and effort trying to love and provide for our children the way we see fit, that it's difficult to take the opportunity to step back and smell the proverbial roses. Yay for you!

That sucks about the nanny. Money is a bitch. I wish I could plant a money tree in my back yard because I'd give you lots of it to pay her -- I definitely understand the value of a great caregiver.


I hope that you're able to get J's medication figured out so that he's happy and lively but still able to pay attention when he needs to.

Your trip sounded like so much fun, and I LOVE Ellie's mohawk. Sooo cute!

Motherhood is wonderful, frustrating, amazing, challenging, and awe-inspiring. I'm so glad you're finding such happiness in your beautiful children!


It looks like you had a great time! You should definitely try to take all 12 of those children to Starbucks! What a sight that would be!

Your nanny sounds like a wonderful woman. She's working on a solution to her situation, hoping the raise doesn't have to happen. And she's taken in that niece of hers...they both have challenging days ahead.


i follow pam's blog, too and it was great to see a picture of you both looking so good, so happy! :)

the nanny thing is tough. i really hope it works itself out in the best way possible.


Love the picture of Ellie. FTT? Hah! So glad you got some girl time. I'll be getting some this weekend without kids. We can't live without it! Sorry about the nanny dilemma. :|


Sigh - money, what a pain in the ass. I'm glad that your nanny is staying around. I'm sure you'd give her the world if you could...

And those pictures are all too adorable.

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