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July 07, 2008


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I want to go to Fiji too!


Sorry, we do have spiders in New Zealand. But no snakes! And I think, only one spider that is poisonous and that is pretty rare.

Oh and lots of fluffy sheep. And Hobbits :-)


ha!!! our spiders and snakes are pretty scary I guess but you know what, we don't really think that much about them, do you know a yellow pages (telephone book, its huge!) throwm at a spider stops it dead in its tracks!! have not read for over a week and what a week you have had, hope things are settling down for you all


Field trip to Fiji! When do we leave :)

After all, if we just all go on vacation and relax we will get pregnant again right?

Yikes, I will NEVER complain about my 1 hour drive to the infertilty clinic again! Especially since I have one within walking distance of my office and CHOOSE NOT to go there! Yikes.


I'll join the field trip. I almost went to Tahiti once and thought that would be pretty cool too. Unfortunately, the cruise line I was working for at the time went out of business 5 weeks before I was headed out. Sigh...


Yes yes, we do indeed need to investigate Fiji. My friend went there a few months ago, and it looked AMAZING.


Actually, you have two readers in Saskatchewan! Weird hmm? Altho I'm not the one doing IUI's... Hopefully I won't have to do a 760km commute either.


My Gosh, FIJI sonds AMAZING! I can imagine blue water and a drink. :)


Dear Karen,

The giant spiders are harmless.

It's the crocs (and I'm not referring to foot wear), great white sharks and killer koalas that you have to worry about!

Kate from Australia


We don't actually have that many spiders in Australia. Well, not giant ones anyway :P
Come to Australia!!!! It's heaps cool! (not that I'm biased or anything :D)


Three SK readers!
And when you all go to Fiji, someone please just stuff me in a suitcase or something.


Fiji, not so great. Neither were the Cook Islands or Tahiti. Gorgeous, but kind of run down.

New Zealand, on the other hand....

(but yes, spiders there too)


Another Aussie (now in California) here vouching for the fact that the biggest spiders we have are very harmless, and no, not as big as a salad plate as some people would have you believe!

I'm more scared of American spiders than Aussie ones... but I try not to think about that :S

Ms. C

Hey I'm ot in Sask, but I am in Canada. (Which is a pretty large place ;) )

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