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July 02, 2008


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I hope that you had a long hot bath after everyone settle down.

This too shall pass...hollow words I know...but it will.

A college friend of mine had an ADHD 5 year old when we were freshman (she was a returning adult) and 2 years later had twins, and a 7 year old ADHD child. Her ADHD child is now an enlisted person in the US Army and is a full functioning adult...and let me just say Joanne went through MUCH of what you share here...this too shall pass!!!


I agree with the doc...you're doing an amazing job.


You are freaking amazing. And I can't believe that you're hard on yourself about forgetting the checkbook. I have only one baby, and forget everything. And even when I didn't have a baby, I would often forget things! You are about the most incredibly organized, wonderful mom I "know" :)


you are awesome. j is so lucky to have you (and so are the triplets!)

i have to admit, i liked your "random infants" response. heh!


{{{{{hugs}}}}} just {{{{{hugs}}}}}


I don't know how you do it. I tried to be "the perfect mom" when my two sons were younger (one with ADD, one without) and it was challenging at times, to say the least. To have one with ADHD and young triplets? WOW!


Holy crap. Good for you for making it through that and for keeping a cool head. Like the doctor said, you really are an amazing parent and always try to do what's best for your kids. I am contantly challenged with the ONE that I've got. So you get an A+ from me.

(And I am so glad you answered the "are they all yours" question the way you did. People need to learn to not ask questions like that when you are clearly trying to just get out of a store. And really, is that question EVER okay?)


just to echo everyone else -- you're doing a GREAT job!

i remember my mom telling me that she eventually had to sit down and tell my grandmother (a wonderful lady who meant the world to both my mom and me and my brother) that what my mom said goes and that she couldn't contradict her. it just didn't work with the parenting strategy she was trying to employ. and we didn't have adhd, so i can only imagine how frustrating it can be for you when you're trying to maintain order with j-man and you're mom is trying to help, but it's not really helping :/ hang in there and know that at some point it will get easier. you really are doing an amazing job!


I know everyone has already said it, but they are all correct in saying you ARE an AMAZING mother, and you should be proud of yourself for all that you do for ALL of your children.


Okay, wowie kazowie on the day you had. Yikes. I love your response! People ask me all the time where the baby is when I'm out with Megan alone, and I typically get a really shocked/horrified look on my face and say, "Oh shit, I don't know!" I can't tell you how many people I've gotten with that one...

Glad to see you redacted your post to remove J's name. I saw it earlier and meant to email you, but got distracted with a fingerpainting disaster that was unfolding in my house. By the time I made it back (11pm, go figure), you had already fixed it.

You ARE a good mom and you are doing a GREAT job. Don't you forget it.


Why do we always try to be "perfect mommy"? And why do moms always complicate the issue? Hope you relaxed after that and had a great time.


Oh my...what a horrible outing that turned out to be. Bless your mom for "trying" to help -- it is just really hard when another well meaning adult contradicts you.

It seems to me as if you are doing an amazing job. J needs the stability and consistency that you are working to establish. That is hard for most families to find the right fit for their ADHD child, yet alone adding in triplets.

Now, go find a hot tub and soak in it for a while. You earned it today!!!

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